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Goals, Short Term 1-3 years
  1. Formalize 1st phases of business entity structure of George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmer's Coaliton (Fall 2017)

  2. Acquire and start a community garden plot to network with local neighborhoods

  3. Working with local socially underserved farmers and coordinate to use property as demonstration site for outreach and education

  4. Network building
    • Contact and visit government organizations that run community gardens in DMV metro area
    • Contact and visit small/beginning and socially underserved farmers in DMV metro area

  5. Build partnerships with local religious institutions to start agricultural /environmental awareness days for their summer camps

  6. Partner with local farmers to expose rural youth to agri-business to building networks and community support for growers in both urban and rural settings
  7. Join membership with national Urban and African American Farmer organizations

  8. Start network relationship with Land Grant colleges such as UDC, UMES and Tuskegee University

  9. Co-host educational events at local farms and build networks to link urban farmers with rural farmers

  10. Develop schedule of regular meetings to bring attendees up to date on latest information on farm related issues

  11. Proposed GWCUSFC website