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George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmer's Coalition, Inc. (GWCUSFC) is building an organizational structure that is primarily focused on connecting underserved rural farmers/landowners with with urban families and communities to address the food and economic disparities that exist within the service areas of our coalition. Even as new grocery stores are built to accommodate the growth in many major cities enclaves across the nation, many that live miles away from those areas live in food deserts; areas where there are NO grocery stores at all. In the absence of stores, low income residents are faced with the choice to contend with long commutes to their local grocers or opt for the purchasing food from the nearest convenience store. For many inner city families, this often means they have fewer opportunities to gain access to fresh produce and healthier choices found only in grocery stores and seasonal farmers markets.

There is a financial pitfall associated with living in a food desert as well, since the cost of buying healthy food items (if available at all) from a convenience store is exorbitantly higher than the cost of buying from a major supermarket. Convenience stores offer a limited number of brands and typically, no organic choices. The health crisis prevalent in our socially/economically underserved communities are often linked to the limited access to available healthy food.


GWCUSFC's stakeholders are as follows, but not limited to:
  • Communities that benefit from our initiatives, partnerships and programs
  • Students from the land grant colleges and universities who are selected to participate in our agricultural programs for internships that earn course credits
  • Financially disadvantaged small farms that benefit from the market research that we provide to aid them in identifying and reaching urban markets