George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmer's Coalition, Inc. (GWCUSFC)
A 501c3 nonprofit

George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmers Coalition workers decided to visit the farm site of one of our partners on August 9,2020

We know how critical it is to support our Black Farmers. The main issue with our farmers in my opinion is distribution. A lot of food goes to waste because itís not harvested. GWCUSFC is determined to help solve this dilemma. Today we purchased more okra from the young man wearing the baseball cap. We not only got okra, we also got a very enlightening crash course on farm management and how to plant various crops.

A part of George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmers Coalition'smission is to help our farmers to grow an economy that will enable them to become sustainable. Food is critical to life. We want to bridge the gap between our farmers and the community we serve. The one thing thatís missing is a solid relationship between Black Farmers and Black Consumers. Our farmers only have a fraction of the market share. As a people we can ill afford to have a cavalier attitude when it comes to one of life essentials. Food is necessary, and our Black Farmers are essential; letís make a concerted effort in support of them.

Need okra anyone? George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmers Coalition in support of our Black Farmers purchased several bushels of this okra. It was harvested on September 2,2020

black farmer with okra image

If anyone needs any fresh cut okra,
Please call us at: 202-528-0389.