George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmer's Coalition, Inc. (GWCUSFC)
A 501c3 nonprofit

Food Distribution September 5, 2020

George Washington Carver Urban/Small Farmers Coalition sponsored September 5, 2020 food distribution. This was our largest delivery to date. We were hosted by Masjid Ibn Taymiyyah of Glenarden Maryland. We got overwhelming support from this community. This was our first delivery to this community and honestly we didnít know what to expect. The volunteers were more than enough. The youth were excited, eager and very helpful. There were about 20 or more volunteers.

Islamic Relief USA sent a team of its staff members to help out. They provided add ons: salad mix, travel mugs, hand sanitizer... And the captain of the local police department provided security. He came and joined us and completed us on the quality of our fresh fruits and vegetables. All that said, we must not forget why we were there, and that was to serve the community. We are happy that we were able to distribute over 150 bags of produce.

Some of the fruits and vegetables delivered by GWCUSFC on Saturday September 5, 2020 for the free food distribution at Ibn Tamiyyah Masjid. This community hosted the event where in excess of 150 bags of fresh fruits and vegetables were disbursed to the local community. The okra was grown by a local Black Farmer. GWCUSFC is in support of the sustainability of Black Farms and the dismantling of food inequities in our underserved communities. Our intent is to push for food sustainability through collaboration with farmers and families that live in our dispossessed communities

(Left to right in photo)
Yasir Khalid, local police captain, the Iman and event coordinator
of Masjid Ibn Tamiyyah and volunteers